Tired of reading Arthur Miller and writing SAT essays? TATU classes are designed to grant you access to the classes, skills, and experts you’re longing for. We have fun. We play. We make. But be warned: if you’re taking Playwriting, you best believe you’re writing a play!

All classes are 1.5 hours long. 


If you like writing, think you’re funny, have a ton of wacky ideas, or are looking to try something out of your comfort zone, this is the class for you. This course is to help you get some ideas onto the page and figure out how to structure them for the best punch. We will work on brainstorming, writing, and performing sketch comedy while also helping to develop your own point of view and comedic voice. We will discover how literally (almost) anything is funny with the right take!


Taught by Julianne Lang


For all the students tired of reading Shakespeare every year. Off-Broadway Club is your chance to read the newest plays by the newest playwrights before they hit New York. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, writer, technician, or human, this class is dedicated to giving you an inside look at tomorrow’s classics and preparing you for the plays you’re destined to work on in the professional world.   

Taught by Scott Greenberg


Have you ever watched a show and thought: “I could do that?” Or “I want to create my own show!”  This is the class for you. We will study the technical skills of screenwriting; examine existing TV pilot scripts; and practice brainstorming exercises to come out with an original TV show. Students should leave with a pilot script, a treatment and/or show bible, or a first season breakdown. 

NOTE: this class will focus on half-hour television. 

Taught by Damon Royster

Playwriting, TUES & THURS @ Noon

This class will make you the next William Shakespeare. Okay, maybe not Shakespeare, but pretty darn close! In this course, we will learn just one potential playwriting process from beginning to end. The idea of writing a full-length play might be scary, but we will break it down step-by-step into a manageable and fun process. We will read about the playwriting process from esteemed playwrights, take a look at the structure of some plays, and brainstorm and workshop your own work. In the end, you will have a shiny new play to add to your collection!

Taught by Brenna Barborka

Improv, MON & WED @ 2PM

Class descriptions coming soon.


Whether you’ve got dreams of making it on the big stage, looking to gain some confidence in your public speaking skills, or are just plain curious about how actors’ brains work— this class is for you! We’ll focus on scenes from plays spanning a variety of styles and genres so that by the time you’re finished with your TATU summer, you’ll have a stocked repertoire and a newly-honed set of scene work skills to carry with you into the professional world. This class is welcome to performers from all levels and backgrounds, and encourages everyone to approach the work with an open mind and a desire to have fun. The world is our stage; let’s play! 

Taught by Ebby Offord


Are you an actor-playwright? The next John Mulaney? Maybe you’re a hextupal threat. Whatever you are, our class line-up is designed to be completely customizable. Sign up for full-access six-course pass, purchase individual courses, or pay a discounted drop-in rate and to show up for industry days.